Technical Specifications
The content of titanium dioxide ,% ≥92.0
Organic treatment No
Inorganic treatment Yes
Oil absorption, g/100g 19.5
Specific gravity(g/cm3) 4.1
Median particle size µm 0.28
PH 8.6

Product description
CR-601+ is a multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide produced by chloride process. The surface wet is treated by inorganic metal oxides. CR-601+ is a general Titanium Dioxide pigment. It has excellent particle size distribution, good dispersibility, high whiteness, tinting strength and hiding power.

Application fields
Decorating paper
Especially suitable for paper making and aqueous emulsion paints
But it is not recommended for applications where high durability is required.

25kg/paper-plastic composite bag
500kg and 1000kg ton bag
Special package is available according to customers’ requirement.

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