Technical Specifications
The content of titanium dioxide ,% ≥94.0
The content of rutile, % ≥97.0
Volatile constituents at 105℃ % ≤0.07
Resistivity Ω.m ≥100
Residue on sieve of 45um % ≤0.03
pH 6.0~8.5
△L*(sample-standard) ≥ -0.3
Tinctorial power ≥1880
Oil absorption (g/100g) ≤19.0
Specific Gravity (g/cm³) 4.1

Product description
R608 is a multipurpose pigment with zirconia, alumina, inorganic and organic surface treatment. Adopting Zinc chemicals to salt treatment. It has high weather resistance, amphiphilically modified.

Application fields
High-class exterior coatings, Acid-catalyzed coatings, Durable powder coatings
Solvent-based printing inks
Plastics with higher requirement on brightness and weatherability
High-quality paper

25kg/paper-plastic composite bag
500kg/1000kg ton bag

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